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Atomic Wings Now Open - Greenfield, Indiana

Atomic Wings had a successful grand opening on April 17th, 2024 - opening the doors to the first location in Indiana, as they look to continue expansion.

Indiana's culinary landscape just got hotter as Atomic Wings, the beloved wing joint renowned for its fiery flavors, made its grand entrance into the Hoosier state. On April 17, 2024, Greenfield, Indiana, welcomed its inaugural Atomic Wings location with open arms, igniting a frenzy of excitement among wing enthusiasts and foodies alike.

The grand opening event was nothing short of a blazing success, with eager patrons lining up well before the doors swung open. From the moment the savory aroma of sizzling wings wafted through the air, it was evident that Atomic Wings had found its new home in Greenfield.

Nestled in the heart of the community, the new Atomic Wings outpost boasts a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, complete with sleek décor and friendly staff ready to serve up mouthwatering wings with a side of Hoosier hospitality.

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