About ConsortiumCRE

ConsortiumCRE provides assistance through every phase of a new development to create a site plan that will appeal to developers looking for secondary sites for new shopping centers. We work with an owner to create a site plan that is leasing driven, based on a comprehensive analysis of the immediate trade area. By carefully planning a tenant mix at the outset, we are able to effectively target retailers who are most likely to be interested in the site’s location and features. Complementary tenants are carefully located within a center to maximize the foot traffic at each retailer’s store front. The ultimate goal is not only to see that a center is fully leased, but to ensure its success by creating a tenant base that best meets the needs of the local population.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality of real estate services to our clients by demonstrating a high degree of knowledge, honesty, integrity and trust.

We will remain intensely focused on locating new sites for market development that will yield the highest degree of success. We will strive constantly to remain on the leading edge of change in this industry.

Our Services

  1. Development of overall market expansion strategy for retail companies.
  2. Market Research on all specific areas targeted for expansion.
  3. Development of a comprehensive package, including maps and demographics, for each designated area.
  4. Searches of all targeted areas for appropriate sites, discretely contact existing tenants, owners or their real estate brokers for those properties that meet a clients requirement.
  5. Research of zoning, sign codes, traffic, construction requirements and other considerations on those sites deemed suitable.
  6. Lease or purchase negotiations liaison with attorneys for both parties.